BRUNK's journey has been a gloriously twisted adventure of tragedies and triumphs. He nearly died on three occasions from unexplained internal bleeding. He lost his dearest friend who was murdered in cold blood. In his younger days, Brunk engaged in assorted acts of pistol-toting foolishness & drunken debauchery, hopping trains across the country. He was also nearly drowned by a hurricane riptide & was once bushwhacked & beaten by a gang of 20 rednecks in the mountains of West Virginia. Brunk also married & divorced the same woman three times, encountered a mysterious witch at a Denny’s in Utah, & was confined to his home for months by severe anxiety disorders.

Brunk works closely on every record with producer/guitar virtuoso Paul Allen (Adele, Sebastian Bach, Big & Rich, Meat Loaf, Richard Marx…) and a host of other music industry luminaries. Brunk’s music stirs the pot of Americana, punk, electronic, jazz, rock, Irish-Celtic and spoken word/foley/soundscapes. Much of his music is deeply intense & thought-provoking, but he always finds ways to counter the darkness w/songs of joyous wonder & tongue-in-cheek playfulness.

If you peek inside the studio when Ron Brunk is recording, you might see him singing through an electric fan or a paper towel holder or with aluminum foil taped across his mouth. Or pounding on metal washtubs with a mallet and Grade 70 steel chains. If it can be dreamed, Brunk will try it. And his 30 albums prove it.

Never content to limit himself to a single genre, Brunk pushes the boundaries with every recording, constantly blending sounds & ideas, transforming himself and his listeners into new creations. His songs tell our common stories through the tragedies and triumphs of his own journey: his terrifying, near-death experiences, the unsolved murder of his best friend, couples dissolving and rekindling love, and epic tales of war and ruin in a dystopian landscape. And Brunk often gives us a sobering reflection on the vicious cycles of greed and violence represented by the military-industrial complex, as he rages against the Machine with harrowing crescendos like a freight train riding a comet to glory.

Ron Brunk doesn’t sound like anyone you’ve ever heard before. As the late, great Avant-garde street performer, Ted W. Mills, once said: “Brunk’s music is like fettucine allegro for the ears… C'est délicieux! And not at all fattening.”

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