“It would be hard to forget the first time I heard Ron Brunk sing. I’m not sure how I got hold of his number but I remember calling him and gushing over how his songs and performance style had captivated my attention. Eighteen years have passed and he’s still going strong.”
Rodney Crowell
Two-time Grammy Award Winning Recording Artist & Songwriter, ACM Album of the Year Award Winner
"My friend Ron is the real deal. His music and his faith convey the heart of a man who has braved the depths to learn what it truly means to reach the high places where love abides. His songs, his story, and his voice are more than just talent, they are gifts he gives to anyone who could use a soul respite."
Kim Mclean
Dove Award Winner for Gospel Song of the Year, Multiple Grammy and Juno Nominations, Multiple ASCAP and NSAI Awards, Americana Folk Song of the Year Award
“In the studio, Ron always comes in with well thought out songs. He is one of those guys who’s always open to ideas, but always brings us something really great to work with. He’s also one of the truly good guys in our business, and it’s a pleasure to know him.”
Gordon Mote
Grammy Nominated Artist & three-time winner Academy of Country Music Piano Player of the Year
“I knew the first day Brunk showed up on my front porch that he had the look and style it takes to be somebody in this business. And after I heard some of his songs, I knew he definitely had the talent to be a star. And I told him so! And he really won me over when he brought me that jar of homemade canned meat!”
George Lindsey
Award-winning Actor, Stand-up Comedian, and Singer. Most notably known for The Andy Griffith Show & Hee Haw, and his many years of charity work for Special Olympics.
“Many will resonate with aspects of Ron Brunk’s story and creativity. He has found peace through acceptance of his own humanity, but in doing so has become a testament to the wonder of human resilience.”
Kate Chatfield
MSc FHEA, Course Leader MSc Integrated Healthcare School of Health, University of Central Lancashire, Preston, England
“When I heard Ron’s early albums, I knew immediately that he was a unique writer and artist who needed to be in Music City, and I strongly encouraged him to make the move. After arriving, Ron and I worked together on hundreds of recording projects and several of his albums. Ron wrote and performed with Adele guitarist, Paul Allen, in those days; and the two of them were always pushing the boundaries in the studio and on stage. I really enjoyed the process of working closely with Ron.”
Dick McVey
Nashville’s Independent Music Producer of the Year, Publicity Company of the Year, Senior Editor & Nashville Bureau Chief for Performance Magazine, WV State Ambassador of Music
“Ron Brunk’s music is an eclectic blend of folk, rock, and Americana. All of his songs bring something unique to the table, keeping you coming back for more with every spin. Give his music a listen and you won’t be disappointed.”
Mike Stankiewicz
Engineer on dozens of Grammy-winning and Grammy-nominated albums by artists such as Kesha, Willie Nelson, Darius Rucker, Cole Swindell, and others.
“Ron Brunk is an extraordinary artist who pulls from what seems to be an endless well of creativity. He puts so much passion into every musical piece he creates, and is always evolving and exploring new sounds. He makes art for art’s sake without letting industry pressures and trends get in the way. I’ve worked with Ron for years on songs and music videos, and it’s always such a fun, collaborative, and happy experience. He treats everyone with kindness and respect, and is a true friend.”
EDM and Trance Artist, Songwriter, STEM Spokesperson & Fashion Designer w/nearly 50 million streams worldwide.
“This veteran Nashvillian, Ron Brunk, returns with a 13-tune batch called Funk the Brunk. He exhorts listeners to “let it burn” out on the dance floor while an electric guitar grinds out the repeated riff and electronic beats propel the Dance Floor track. It’s maniacally and hypnotically repetitive and weirdly likable!”
Robert K. Oermann
Music Journalist, Author, National Columnist, Music Historian
“Ron’s songs are always interesting to me as a drummer because he likes to try so many different sounds and techniques. I’ve played on a lot of Ron’s records over the past 20 years and it’s always a lot of fun. I admire his quirky songwriting and I consider him a good friend.”
Mark Beckett
Drummer for Grammy winner Steve Wariner, Joe Walsh, Toto, Boys II Men, Olivia Newton John, Kenny Chesney, Merle Haggard, Steve Cropper, MerleFest, and many more. Staff Drummer for Grand Ole Opry since 2009, Drummer for Musician’s Hall of Fame shows, WSM CMA Music Fest, Alabama Hall of Fame Induction Shows, and Opry Live TV.
“Ron Brunk’s LIFE album falls primarily in the Adult Contemporary genre and proves that, no matter the category into which you try to place him, Ron Brunk definitely knows how to write a great song.”
Music Connection Magazine, Music Trade Magazine
“I have known and worked with Ron Brunk for over 20 years. It’s always great to hear his new songs - all unique and completely original - a rarity nowadays. Ron is one of the most creative artists I have known in all of my music career. We would spend time trying new things and new textures till we had something magical. He is a super guy and a super talent – none better! I am proud to call him my friend.”
Michael Baker
Lead Guitarist for Grammy Award Winner Vern Gosdin, Gold Record Holder, 40 Years on Grand Old Opry, Lead Guitarist for Grammy Nominated Jim Ed Brown.
“I’ve recorded with Ron Brunk for many years. He is one of the most uniquely talented songwriters and singers I’ve ever known. His songs are always different from what everyone else is doing; it’s never the same old same old with him. He goes places in his songs that where I’ve never heard anyone else go. He wrote a song about Star Trek’s Edith Keeler episode that was like nothing I’ve heard before. And a super cool song called “Chasing A Fly” about a guy who can’t be bothered by the big problems of the world because he’s busy trying to swat an annoying fly! Do yourself a favor and check out Ron’s library of tunes. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed. Thank God somebody is fresh and creatively unique!”
Mike Schrimpf
SMS Productions Studio Nashville, Piano Player for Grammy Award Winners Conway Twitty, Steve Wariner, and Loretta Lynn
“Ron Brunk and I felt like old friends the first time we met, when I was keyboardist/vocalist on one of his recording sessions. As a musician and a closet nutritionist, I really enjoyed learning about Ron’s health journey. Ironically, the name of the first song (and one of my favorites of his) that day was a song called ‘Vitamin Me.’ We hit it off instantly. And every time I see Ron, we pick up where we left off before and talk for hours.”
Joseph A. Wooten
Hands of Soul, the Wooten Brothers, Keyboardist/Vocalist for the Steve Miller Band
“I had the supreme pleasure of working with Ron Brunk on two video projects that he wrote, produced and directed. Both were wonderful experiences. I also love Ron’s songwriting. He has a voice and a message that we need for a time like this. I’m not only an actress who has worked with him, I’m truly a fan!”
Juli Tapken
Singer/Songwriter at Platinum Planet Records, Award-winning Actress for Providence, Mission Improbably & A Second Chance
“Anyone looking for a refreshing and distinct sound should check out Ron Brunk. His music and videos are amazingly fun, quirky, and extremely unique. It also takes you on a journey of both darkness and light. He goes way outside the box from the usual norm and isn’t afraid to tackle the deepest subjects. I have always enjoyed working with Ron because of the interpretation of his musical ideas. He is such a joy to be around and there hasn't been a time in which I haven't left a gig or session with him that I wasn't musically filled and invigorated.”
Renae' Truex
Professional Violinist/Fiddler Nashville, TN, former Curb Records recording artist, now independent artist
“Brunk’s music is like fettucine allegro for the ears…delicious and not at all fattening!”
Ted W. Mills
Avant-garde Street Performer, AWOL Hobo, and Murder Victim
“I’ve worked with Ron Brunk on many of his recent records over the past few years, and we’ve become good friends. It’s always a great adventure in creativity because Ron likes to try so many different sounds and techniques. He is truly one of a kind.”
Mark Thornton
Owner/Head Engineer & Record Producer at Sidekick Studios Nashville, CMH Records Producer for “The Pickin’ On” series, Guitarist for the legendary Jerry Reed, and CEO of the infamous “The Nashville Show Truck.”
“I can describe Ron Brunk’s music as 100% entertainment, with 0% chance of pigeonholing it. He presents a wealth of stylings; rock, Americana, jazz fusion, a bit of blues, even a taste of pure ragtime piano. I found tunes that I once would have believed could have only been written by the mad genius of Jim Steinman and brought to life by the incomparable vocals of Meat Loaf in his heyday. I found traces of the Late/Great Warren Zevon’s wit in the writing, as well as a seasoning of Nick Cave’s dark dream filled voice in the vocals. I found more entertainment here than any of the top 10 CDs in any genre.”
Franklin Wales
Author & Music Journalist
“While others may be satisfied to find a spot and sit there, Ron Brunk keeps pushing creative boundaries. His music often finds a way to blend a dystopian ennui with a dollop of rage to create something the listener wants to hear again and again.”
NuVoizes Entertainment Magazine
“Ron Brunk has been toiling away in a tiny cinderblock garage apartment, creating a unique blend of tone poetry, mallets on tin cans, and savage rock riffs. Bits of Beck and Garbage influence are detectable at times, and the end result is something completely different, dark and daring.”
Raleigh Register Newspaper
“Ron Brunk’s tale is one of health horrors, decline, and then recovery. He finds the wisdom to understand that life is about balance and the choices we make.”
Tad Yoneyama
M.D., Vanderbilt Medical Center
“Ron tells the story of the amazing transition from frustration, hopelessness, and desperation to encouragement, self-awareness, intuition, and motivation. His testimony speaks to those with unanswered questions who find themselves living in their own dark abyss.”
Paige Adams
FNP, B-C, MAPS, Fellow Owner at The Center for Proactive Medicine